Our Team

In crinimo.tv studio with offices in Santiago de Chile, we are dedicated to solving your motion design projects.

Our Team

We have worked making videos for:

Paypal , Facebook , CocaCola , Ford, Nissan, Google, Google Fiber, MTV ,Fox Sport, Espn, Redbull, Nestle, Activision, UnderArmour, Chevrolet, Falabella, Almacenes Paris, Entel, Movistar, Toshi, Afp Habitat, Whatsapp, Heineken, TVN, CHV, Visa, Pepsi, Fanta (Cocacola -Company), Lider, Santa Isabel, Santander, Water 1St, COX, Lollapalooza, PFizer, Ikea, Absolut, Sandisk, Eucerin, Claro, Adobe,  And many more.




We have a team of experts and professionals

Rodrigo Montti

Senior 3D Artist

Ameesha Lee

Design, Ilustration and Art Direction

Kiarash Mehdipour

Motion Designer

Erick Ureña

Motion and Character Animator

Daniela Varon

Motion and Character Animator

Luis Mejias

Motion Designer

Bárbara Ghirello

Motion and Character Animator

Ana Hill

Illustration Artist

Daniel Mayo Bahena

Motion Designer

Hernán (Nano) Vázquez

Motion Designer & Vfx Compositor

Angelica Chacana

Motion Designer & Vfx Compositor

Sebastián Anús

Music Composer, Sound Designer and Audio Engineer/ https://ronrocoaudio.com/

Tomás Infante

Motion Designer

Matías Peréz

Motion Designer

Kris Sharabinskaia

Designer & Ilustration Artist

Marcos Acuña

Motion Designer / 3D Artist

Danilo Gutiérrez

3D Artist